Using an LCDVF with glasses.

11 04 2010

A while ago I started using an LCDVF. For those who are wondering, like I was, about the situation with using glasses with a viewfinder eyepiece like this. I can explain my own situation. I use glasses which are -4.75 strength, and are a reasonable size.  I was initially worried as before ordering I tried looking at the LCD panel on my camera from a short distance, approximately the same length as it would be when using the LCDVF, and found that I couldn’t focus clearly enough without taking off my glasses. However, upon using it I find the opposite to be the case – I can use my glasses easily, but not without. I have had absolutely no problems in using the glasses with it. It looks a little weird when first attached to the camera, as it sticks out a lot more than looks right with a small lens attached to the front, but it’s a marvellous device, certainly recommended by me, and used frequently.

It looks like the first step in rig expansion. Just look at what can happen if you have a few quid to play around with. Yum.