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24 06 2009

Picture 8

Please watch, rate and comment on this little short produced by some of my students for the Virgin Media Shorts film competition, by clicking on the picture above.

They have worked very hard in a very short amount of time to pull this off and deserve praise for their effort and achievement, especially considering this was all done at the busiest time of year for their course, and one of them was also directing a major TV show as well.

You need to register with virgin media shorts, but it only takes a short while. Please help us bring it up the charts. I’m not sure what VirginMedia did to it, but when uploaded, it is difficult to see the faces in some shots, and it’s quite jumpy. But this is not the case on the original.

Title: The White Devil Running time: 02’20”

Synopsis – Spaghetti Western/Horror short. Sheriff Nero is on the hunt for the Diavolo Bianco, a fugitive gunman. He is wanted on charges of murder: dead or alive. 5 weeks ago my tutor suggested we enter this Virgin competition. So we did and here’s what we made. Every stage of production was meticulously planned and executed. A dedicated work ethos was an essential ingredient to the project. We all had a good laugh and few beers though, despite on the day of the shoot it pissing down. The Hereford & Hell crew has worked successfully together previously and is assembled from talent residing in both Nottingham and Bristol. We are a tight, hard working and passionate group of film fanatics led by Hereford & Hell co-founders Cassidy Kirk and Matt Harradine. Crew: Cassidy Kirk Matt Harradine Trent Pyro Emily Bashford Louisa Vernon Josh Sibson


Nottingham – BAFTA Short Screenwriting

21 05 2009

Just got word via the Bang short film festival about this.


BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum in Nottingham
Call For Scripts, Deadline 26 May 2009

We are accepting scripts submissions for the next BAFTA ROCLIFFE NEW WRITING FORUM taking place at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, as part of Broadway’s Festival of Screenwriting on 30 June 2009. Tickets to the event will be on sale at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham from 25 May.

The closing date for submissions is 26 May 2009 @ 17.00 BST

Click here to find out more, and see pictures and a blog about our last event with Director, Mike Newell.

If you would like your script to be considered, please send a HARD COPY of the following to:
195 Piccadilly
London W1J 9LN


Virgin Media Shorts Competition 2009

21 04 2009


Do you have a short film under 2 mins 20 secs long? Why not go for this? It could be some exposure, and having your work included in a festival is a great motivator.

The following was taken from an EM-Media News Article.

Now in its second year, Virgin Media Shorts is the only short film competition to give British film makers the opportunity to have their work showcased to millions of people across the country through four mediums – on over 200 cinema screens, on TV, on mobile phones and online.

Last year, over 1,500 filmmakers showed off their work through Virgin Media Shorts. The competition was judged by a celebrity panel including: Kevin Spacey, Gurinder Chadha (director of Bend it Like Beckham), Daniel Barber (Oscar-nominated short film maker), Stephen Mangan (star of Green Wing), James King (Radio 1’s film critic), Lenny Crooks (UK Film Council) and Sir Richard Branson (founder of the Virgin Group).

A total of 12 films were selected and had their work blown up onto 35mm and screened across 214 cinemas in the UK. One film was picked as an overall winner and received £15,000 production funding from Virgin media with a chance to apply for up to £15,000 from the UK Film Council’s New Cinema Fund.

Virgin Media are looking for films up to two minutes 20 seconds running time, including credits.

Your film must be uploaded online at the Virgin Media Shorts website.

This year Virgin Media also have a Mobile Shorts Award for films shot on mobile phones. Films for this category can be up to 60 seconds including credits.

The judges will select the 12 best films from the main competition which will be screened on 214 cinema screens across the UK. Out of those 12 one film will be selected with a £15,000 prize from Virgin Media and the chance to apply to the UK Film Council for up to £15,000 funding. This is to shoot their next film which will be shown on Virgin Media platforms.

Virgin Media Shorts will also be awarding a prize for the best film submitted that has been shot on mobile phone format. This film will be distributed across Virgin Media platforms.

The final 12 films selected from the main competition are also eligible to take part in the People’s Choice award, voted for by members of the public online.

The winners from all three categories will be announced at a ceremony in central London on Tuesday 22 September.

For further information on how to upload your film, terms and conditions and guidelines, go to the Virgin Media Shorts website.

Deadline for submissions is midnight, Monday 22 June.

David O Reilly – Please say something.

13 03 2009

I must be feeling bad about not updating the blog for a while, as I’m knocking out lots of posts in the last day or so, but just remembered that I’ve got to put this video on here. Saw it a week or so ago, I think linked from the Motionographer website. 

Wow. Wow. Wow. It’s not often that something this great comes along. I’m always impressed when people can put such strong characters together with animation. Especially in a pared down simple style like this. There’s no real facial expressions to rely on, but the sense of drama and emotion is very impressive. 

There’s a great sense of minimalism with the dialogue as well. I don’t only mean in the excellent soundwork by David Kamp, but in the scriptwriting, which catches you off guard and intrigues the viewer. 

David also has a great experimental style with heaps of innovation thrown in for good measure, and at the end of the day this is a film which works on all levels, from creativity, innovation and great storytelling which connects with the audience.

Watch it.  Click one of the images below.




Links –

Watchmen – 80’s kids animation style

13 03 2009

A great video which lovingly recreates classic moments from the Watchmen Graphic novel/ comic and puts them into a He man/Jem -style 80’s cartoon, complete with cheesy theme music. Very funny if you’ve read/seen watchmen, lots of great in-jokes. A real labour of love. Thanks to Ron for this one. As he said to me… Pure brilliance.

You’ve got it made! (now get it seen!)

12 03 2009


Scottish Screen has produced a guide for all you budding filmmakers out there. Nicely put together by Nigel R Smith, it details the festival circuit , awards and digital distribution. Well worth a read for the serious filmmaker.

check out this link for general info

and this link for the download of the guide.

Motion Graphics as a political medium

9 12 2008

There is an increasing use of motion graphics as a political and educational medium. Short viral videos are produced and set out into the virtual world in the hope that they will inform and influence people. As we become more visually aware as a society, the video-makers have decided to use motion graphics to keep peoples interest levels up. This style is increasingly used along conventional documentary filmmakers as well who also include elaborate reconstructions of battles and other events in order to stimulate the viewer.

Knowledge – Alex Rudolph.

This aims to explain the middle east crisis in a short form. Based on research for his dissertation, where he has decided to impart a cooler look onto subjects potentially seen as boring by a younger audience. 


Also another few below as well. This is becoming an increasingly prolific format, so the examples are only a drop in the ocean – but good to give you a flavour of what is out there.

The Girl Effect, n. The powerful social and economic change brought about when girls have the opportunity to participate in their society.


What Barry Says.

Iran – a nation of bloggers