Online Collaborative Filmmaking – StarWars uncut

22 04 2010

Now this is a fan film. Amazingly, hundreds of people have been beavering away to remake Star Wars in their bedrooms. Each taking a 15 second chunk of the film, and remaking it in their own inimitable style. I’m not entirely sure how great or sad this is, but it looks like it has been a real labour of love for those involved. Watch the trailer to see what I mean.

The internet has allowed for some really interesting ideas to come to fruition. We are increasingly seeing collaborative efforts in all manner of moving image projects. Some seem like an excuse to avoid paying real artists for their time, but others like this – for an excuse to have a great laugh and be immortalised.

There are a few other projects that I have come across over the years, and as I remember them I will post links below.

But one that I have to hand is one frame of fame.

This is a viral music video for C-mon & Kypski – More is less.

A great idea, the band have shot a video with themselves performing, and are asking fans to recreate a frame of the action in front of their webcam. The image is taken and then inserted into the video to create a strobe-like series of images which looks really lovely. It is in great contrast to the straight footage which is on the rest of the video.

Obviously this is designed as a viral marketing campaign as well as music video, and I’m sure that many of the people featured are not real fans of the group, but who are now certainly aware of their existence.

See it by clicking on the picture below.


The process of animation

21 04 2009

I just love videos that use the process of animation as an intrinsic part of the final idea. Seeing the joins and the process can make what would seem fairly ordinary, extraordinary. It’s quite a brave mind that goes low tech, and embraces the seams rather than trying to cover them up. Some creative work that does this is…


Geoffroy de Crecy – Music Video for Wag the dog – Bubblicious



Coraline – The puppet’s POV. Watch this making of mini documentary at 58 secs to see a great interaction between animator and animated. 



picture-244Masayoshi Nakamura – Entry for Adobe Records competition.

Where the wild things are.

3 04 2009

Now I really hope that this one proves to be good. Spike Jonez in charge and Maurice Sendak working with the production, so it should be. I know it’s a little off topic for this blog, but anyway…

It really seems to bring to life the vivid illustrations of the book. Now waiting for the big screen adaptation of the very hungry caterpillar. Maybe not.

David O Reilly – Please say something.

13 03 2009

I must be feeling bad about not updating the blog for a while, as I’m knocking out lots of posts in the last day or so, but just remembered that I’ve got to put this video on here. Saw it a week or so ago, I think linked from the Motionographer website. 

Wow. Wow. Wow. It’s not often that something this great comes along. I’m always impressed when people can put such strong characters together with animation. Especially in a pared down simple style like this. There’s no real facial expressions to rely on, but the sense of drama and emotion is very impressive. 

There’s a great sense of minimalism with the dialogue as well. I don’t only mean in the excellent soundwork by David Kamp, but in the scriptwriting, which catches you off guard and intrigues the viewer. 

David also has a great experimental style with heaps of innovation thrown in for good measure, and at the end of the day this is a film which works on all levels, from creativity, innovation and great storytelling which connects with the audience.

Watch it.  Click one of the images below.




Links –

Watchmen – 80’s kids animation style

13 03 2009

A great video which lovingly recreates classic moments from the Watchmen Graphic novel/ comic and puts them into a He man/Jem -style 80’s cartoon, complete with cheesy theme music. Very funny if you’ve read/seen watchmen, lots of great in-jokes. A real labour of love. Thanks to Ron for this one. As he said to me… Pure brilliance.

You’ve got it made! (now get it seen!)

12 03 2009


Scottish Screen has produced a guide for all you budding filmmakers out there. Nicely put together by Nigel R Smith, it details the festival circuit , awards and digital distribution. Well worth a read for the serious filmmaker.

check out this link for general info

and this link for the download of the guide.

Computer Arts In-Depth Features

12 03 2009

Computer Arts has a large number of in-depth features which are great quick reads on a wide range of subjects. A few that jump out for me are below. Check out their website for more by clicking the pictures below. OK some of them are to do with tax and getting a job, but these are important things to learn. Sorry they’re all quite motion graphics based – I’ll put something up on Art funding as well – but don’t hold your breath as I’m very busy at the moment.