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It seems like all my life I have been watching, making and playing with the possibilities of the Moving Image. I love Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration, Special Effects, Visuals, Experimental Video. I’ve spent many years following the work of pioneers and innovators who are pushing the boat out creatively and technically in the realm of the moving image. So I’ve decided to start this blog to indulge myself a little. I should also give a flavour of some of the influences that will be included in the course I run.
I have had a long background in video production and installation/projection,working on a wide range of creative video-based projects and commissions. These have included video work for MTV, Channel 4 and David Byrne; video designs for productions at prestigious London theatres including the Lyric, Saddlers Wells, and Almeida; visual projections for the Coldcut world tour, Hex/Hexstatic, and cutting-edge clubs including Ninja Tunes “Stealth”, Talvin Singh’s “Anokha”, and the Big Chill.

I enjoy exploring the creative possibilities of moving image and projection, and since moving to Nottingham I have indulged myself, producing a large scale public video installation, and producing videos for the Broadway Cinema, and Cast bar at the Nottingham Playhouse. I’m currently making a short dramatic film, producing more video installations, and odd music videos.

Jeff Sutton

I’m not quite as moody as I look in this picture, taken by a student of mine. Thanks Pete.

I’m in the process of putting my work online in the form of a website, but until I do that, feel free to explore some of my recent output via vimeo.

Here’s a recent commission I had for the Broadway cinema and arts complex in Nottingham. The pictures are stills from 2 video pieces, based on the concept of a ‘video joiner’. Please click on the images below to take you to Vimeo.

Some History

Sept 2007 – Video Joiners, Broadway Cinema and Arts Centre, Nottingham

A video commission to celebrate the revamp of the Broadway Cinema and arts centre, the commission was to produce 2 video projections to be shown on a permanent large screen on the outside of the building as part of the Digital Broadway scheme. These were developing the Video Joiners concept as developed for the Cast Restaurant (below)

Nov 2004 – Video Joiner, Cast Restaurant, Nottingham Playhouse

A video installation piece as a part of the Cast commissions programme for the space, 5×3 is a site-specific video joiner based on the photographic joiners of David Hockney. Adding movement and time to Hockney’s concept, this is the first in a line of pieces.  The restaurant was filmed over a number of days, and at different times of day. These are joined to produce a composite view of the restaurant and bar, heightening the viewers perception their surroundings and of their place within it as they look at this virtual reflection.

Feb 2004 – Passing, Allied carpets, Nottingham

Taking place at a redundant city-centre Allied Carpets showroom, Passing was a high-profile and public video installation, drawing on themes of scale, location and change. The showroom’s impressive glass front was transformed into screens, projecting a landscape of themed moving images for a diverse audience passing through this busy central area over the winter evenings.

March 2001 – Video Installation, Arndale Centre, Luton

Video designer, editor  and Technical adviser for a poetry/video installation in the Arndale shopping centre, Luton as part of the ‘year of the artist’ celebrations.

March 1999 – The Silver Lake, Broomfield Opera, London

Video designer for the opera at the refurbished opera house. The video work played on monitors imbedded into the set, and consisted of textural pieces subtly enhancing the mood for the opera.

March 1999 – London Literary Festival, Sadlers Wells Theatre, London,

A commission to produce 2 video pieces for the front of house screens. These worked with the use of text as a literal and textual form.

Sept 1998 – Lacquer Days, Vibe Bar, London

Designer for a dance installation as part of the Old Street festival 1998. This was the first performance in a series blurring the distinctions between the consumer and the consumable. Future performances are building into a more varied experimental experience, adding a new layer of work each time, with the use of video and various other media.

Aug 1998 – Concert visuals for David Byrne & Instrumental, Lisbon Expo 98

Video production and projection collaboration as Hexstatic for a large-scale (20,000 people) concert by David Byrne. I produced video material to accompany the songs with S.Warren-Hill who then went to Lisbon to project the final work.

July 1998 – 10 Days of Techno festival, Ghent, Belgium

Video projections and live mixing for one of the biggest, well known and respected dance festivals in Belgium.

July 1998 – Night Banquet / Wolfcub Village, Almeida Theatre, London

Video designer for 2 Chinese operas by Guo Wenjing. After the success of the video work involved in’the recklesss are dying out’ I was invited to produce video work to run constantly through the 2 hour performances, something no one had ever seen attempted before.

April 1998 – Channel 4, Car Park

Video designer for an installation in a multi-storey car park for a Channel 4 party celebrating the changeover of Michael Jackson as the new head of programming.

Nov 1997 – The Reckless Are Dying Out, Lyric Theatre, London

Video designer for the play written by Peter Handke, translated by Rory Bremner. The video projections took the form of a large slate ‘window’, allowing for the more bizarre aspects of the play to be visually realised. The play was very well received, gaining ‘critics choice’ in London Time Out, with the review being especially favourable towards the video projections.

Oct 1997 – Hex media Ltd, RAM JAM at the Bomb club, Nottingham

An installation involving 6 interactive consoles with which the audience controlled the environment, by adding samples to the DJ’s music mix, or playing AudioVisual clips which alter the projections in the club as well as the sounds. The audience also played instruments by moving through strategically placed light beams in the club. This was designed in collaboration with the “Coldcut” world tour.

Sept 1997 – MTV America, Eye Mix

Editor on a 50 second promo for the American MTV music awards. An audiovisual piece celebrating the last 10 years of MTV.

July-Dec 1997 – Hex Media Ltd, Video Production for “Coldcut” World Tour

Producing video work for the world tour of the major dance act “Coldcut”, which was admired in the industry as an audacious experiment in recreating the live dance show experience by creating a fully audio-visual environment.

July-Dec 1996 – Blue Note Club, V.J. for Ninja Tunes “Stealth” night.

Live visuals mixing with Hexstatic for the popular and revered night at the Blue Note club, Hoxton sq. Other clubs I have worked in include; Bagleys (Kings Cross), Brixton Academy, and nights such as Anokha, The Big Chill & Alien Base.


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