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7 04 2010

I thought I’d write a post collecting some information about scriptwriting. This should be useful to people in the Nottingham area, but also general stuff for people further afield

Celtx is a free scriptwriting tool and production organiser, and it’s free. A great start for people looking to get a well formatted script, it will also allow you to break it down into the production logistics required. Now you’ve just got to go and shoot it!

Screenlit is the Premiere UK Screenwriting festival, and is right here in Nottingham. I went last year, and it was absolutely great. On soon – the end of April! Thank crikey I was writing this entry, otherwise I’d have probably missed it. Make the effort to go and see great writers.

BBC Writers room is a great service where you can submit your masterpiece, and they’ll look over it for free. They will read the first 10 pages and if they really like it, read on and give you feedback, and possibly put you in touch with Producers

Rocliffe is working with BAFTA to develop writers and filmmakers, and runs a successful script submission scheme and runs events and forums. Only if you are really serious though.


WriteLion is a section of the Left Lion magazine Forums which deals with all types of writing. Hopefully you can find some friends there and chat about interesting things.



If you’re a writer, and you’re in the East midlands, then I’d guess that this is the place for you. As you might have guessed, I’m getting a little bored and I think I’ll make myself a nice drink and stop all this internet nonsense. Hope it helps someone.




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