Quicktime X – Oh dear.

11 09 2009


Now I’m sure somehow it is an improvement, but I can’t see it. Quicktime x has installed as a part of snow leopard on my macpro. Now snow leopard is great – much quicker, and more stable (don’t believe the ‘mac never crashes’ crowd – System 7/8 was amazingly stable, but that was 10 years ago). Only designed as an ‘under the hood’ update, the idea was to keep as much as possible the same as leopard.

But having used Quicktime X for a few days, I was sorely missing quicktime 7. The pro version allowed great flexibility and is in constant use by me. It was an amazing piece of software, and just worked so well. So what do Apple do? They simplify it and take away all the features that made it great. D-oh.

But the reason why I’m writing this post is that

1. If people complain about this rubbish update, then they might address the problem, and

2.  I have discovered that you can get Quicktime Pro 7 back. Hooray.

If you want to get quicktime 7 back, you will find it in Applications>Utilities.

If you want video files to open natively in this then – ‘get info’ on any video file (holding command(Apple)& I). Then you can set ‘open with’ to other, navigate to Quicktime 7 in Applications>Utilities. Then click ‘change all’ to ensure all filetypes like this open in QT7.

Now I like change, but it should be for the better, not dumbing down an already simple application.

Oooh, rant over.




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