Gremlins fan film by Sacha Feiner

5 09 2008

Wow, now here’s a great little piece of film. Make sure you watch it in Higher Definition version if possible by opening it up in youtube.


Sacha Feiner has created a spectacular sequence using found footage, brilliant models and compositing skills, along with a great sense of humour. I really love this as he has avoided the “let’s do it all in CG” route that many of people would have taken. There’s a common misconception that you should do everything in a 3D package, but I find the result of doing this is often images that lack the life that only reality can bring.

But instead, Sacha has taken the best things that can be achieved from the puppets as used in the original films, and used computer compositing to put different shots together to build complex movements. This I like as it’s getting the best out of both worlds.

The making of video is extremely interesting, well worth a look as well. It gives you an idea of the dedication, passion and innovation that he has. 

I hope that this guy gets a job out of this. He certainly deserves it. 

There’s an interesting history of fan films, which I hope to write more about when I get some time. But you should certainly check out Troops, a parody of the TV show cops and Star Wars.




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27 11 2008
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[…] check out the Gremlins fan film for more fun and a great making of video which explains the processes […]

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