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29 08 2008

Just come across this on the Light Surgeons Website. It’s a 3 minute wonder they have produced for the long runnning C4 documentary strand.

It’s well worth a look, and is a great cinematic piece with a strong message. I find the C4 strand (which is on most weekday nights at 7:55) to be a real hit and miss affair, but that’s a great part of its appeal. It is a real rarity in the TV schedule, a chance to see something short and experimental – they have the most lax definition of documentary I think it is possible to have. It’s open to new directors and you can apply through the C4 website, but it’s a much better idea to watch a load, and get in touch with a production company that has produced some that are in your style. They will know how to sell it to the commissioning editors.

See what’s coming up on 3 minute wonder here

If you like the work from the Light Surgeons then try out their website. They have a long standing in the UK visuals scene, and produce excellent work.

If you want to see some more examples of work like this, then you should check out Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio, or John Smith’s ‘Blight’. A short example of it is here, but if you have a full copy then please let me know. Also check out the rest of John Smith’s work – very funny and interesting as well.


23 08 2008

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