Twenty120 / Advanced Beauty / PSST! Pass it on

22 07 2008

Oh dear, another set of amazing videos to while away your life to. But why not, these are a few interesting collections of work by a varied mix of artists, motion graphic designers, filmmakers and other creatives. 

Twenty 120 have just recently released their 2nd collection. Some great experimental work in here – thanks to motionographer for the heads up. As you may have guessed it consists of twenty x two minute films, and as you can just about see in the image below this years theme is Truth versus Deception. As they state on their website “The idea was to pull together a diverse group of directors free of any creative constraints to create using any medium to inspire by creating innovative content.”  The contributors are well established in their own right, and by creating content for a collection like this it must be a nice release. They have certainly taken it seriously, producing some really exciting pieces.


Their 2007 collection is also available on the site, click on the picture below for this.



Also, while we’re on the subject – PSST! Pass it on also has a similar scheme. This time a collaborative piece is produced by 2 artists, animators, filmmakers etc, with one starting the piece and one finishing it off. More wonderful stuff so feast your eyes.


AND, don’t forget, last but certainly not least the wonderful Advanced Beauty Video Podcast series are being released as I write, one a week for the foreseeable future. The Artists are very much influenced by the soundtrack, these are designed to be sculptural forms in video.

So set aside a few hours, or a bit here and there to check out the above. I guarantee there’s something for everyone.


music video commissions

22 07 2008

There are plenty of bands and record companies out there trying to get music videos on the cheap and/or develop new talent. It seems to be a trend, certainly recently with Moby & Radiohead competitions. Radarmusicvideos has been doing it for a while as well, but after a couple of successful years under their belt, this year their major commission scheme has not emerged. Their site still has a number of small commissions available, but I think that the kudos is really in working for a major act or label. These schemes can get your work noticed and also allow you to show your work on the festival circuit with a top notch soundtrack. But of course there are many people trying to get something for nothing and you should be careful when submitting work.

While you’re at it, here’s just a few other schemes,,1930466,00.html