Radiohead nude / in rainbows videos

1 07 2008

I’m really showing my age, but this is the computer kit I grew up with. Radiohead held a competition for a remix of their album “in Rainbows”, and James Houston has produced this great video for the song “nude”, a beautiful rendition using redundant technology.  I particularly like the hard drives. See his details here and check out some of his other work.


They also held a competition for a video to accompany their in rainbows album. The website has a number of videos available. Finals are on July 4th and The winner is announced on July 10th. Let’s see who wins.

Another video which has been getting a lot of attention is the entry by flight404. This is done wholly in processing, an open source visual programming language. This is the sort of thing that usually flies right over my head, and while I have a great deal of respect for these programmers/visual artists. I’m going to be investigating the use of processing for the course I run, the Foundation Degree in Creative Video & Moving Image, in Nottingham, East Midlands. But in the meantime, join me in looking at the astoundingly beautiful work produced by clicking on the video below. Certainly also check out other videos like Solar






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14 05 2010
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[…] us through all singing and all dancing virtual worlds. Bring it on. Also you should look at the Radiohead nude / in rainbows music video – using old computer kit to actually make the […]

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