Door – David Anderson

26 06 2008

There is a great power in inanimate objects and architectural features, and exploited here is the door. A closed door is a very powerful image. Just seeing it places questions into the audiences mind, raising their emotional expectation. A closed door will inevitably open, but what is behind it? A very potent image, it links directly to our subconscious raising questions about choices and options, anticipation and fear.

Add in a keyhole and we begin a quest, searching to find the key to answer to our biggest questions.

Often drawn upon like Pandora’s box, a door can be something that once opened, cannot be closed

In David Anderson’s 1990 film “Door”, he explores this concept with acclaimed writer Russell Hoban providing the text and narration, producing a funny and powerful animation which also explores the use of a multitude of exciting techniques. Click below to see it.






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