Ink tank film experiments

18 06 2008

Here are a couple of companies who have been doing really interesting things with the classic film technique of filming ink and other substances. By experimenting with this technique and then treating it in after effects or other post-production software you can really make astonishing looking work. These really push the integration of the ink and post production in a way that makes it greater than what many others have done.



I really like the editing in of the spinning graphic element into the Dstrukt piece above – “Reading Nature”, and the way that the layers interact and subtract. The combination of different elements helps create a distinct look. The tracking markers also work really well in this piece about evolution, contrasting the low and high tech.




Sesucht, a German company have also played with inktanks for this amazingly choreographed piece “Symphony in Red”. This work is really in a class of it’s own, seamlessly mixing the filmed experiments into an after effects 3d space. At one point they use timeremapping to turn the ink into sprouting flowers. A very clever combination of a natural technique and software. Oh and all the text ‘washing’ away was done for real – no displacement maps, keying or other such trickery. Just Dishwasher detergent and the text printed onto foils. 

To find it you need to navigate through their website, click on Action, then References and it’s near the bottom. Once you’re there also check out their “Black Poem” which is absolutely astounding. Their use of sound is wonderful. 

Get an old fish tank and try it yourself.  Use inks, milk, detergents, oils, whatever you can find. To find lots more experiments that people have made, just checkout youtube entries like this one, and start clicking.




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19 10 2008
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