30 05 2008

Is there anything worth watching on TV anymore? Not a great deal, but there’s usually a lot of nice idents about. For a while BBC2 and Channel4 have been fighting it out for the best channel idents, both producing innovative and exciting little pieces of television history, often a disappointment when the programme starts and you have to wait for the next one. But wait no more, go to where they have a growing collection of the best (and worst – see BBC1 and ITV1’s very expensive but boring attempts). So I have taken a look and picked a few out for you.


Fiver – for Channel5

Some really funky new audiovisual idents for Channel5’s rebranding of Five Life. Simple, clean design, really exploring movement and colour. Produced by We are Seventeen. Really reminds me of the work of Oskar Fischinger.



Not sure personally about the success of the new BBC2 idents Some very great simple ideas which stand out are below.


I love this one because it’s real – no cg or compositing required.



Definite recent faves had to be these ‘Cutting up Christmas’ ones

Going back a little bit further, you just had to love the characterisation of these little 2’s. Not shown here, but I loved the one which was a yapping jumping dog put inside a fluffy 2.

And going back even further


Channel 4

I think that Channel4 is probably my current favourite for innovative idents. You can’t help but have been amazed when you first saw the 4 logo forming out of disparate objects.

These have been running for quite a while now, but seeing a new one is always a treat.You can click on the few above to see them, or click here for a link to’s full list.

It’s a real shame that don’t have more of the older idents. I remember the previous idents being very interesting, remarkably different to these ones. I’ll try to dig some of them up.

And of course there’s the absolute classic design by Lambie Nairn. So Iconic that they have never tried to really mess with it, where the other channels have often had radical rebranding. In fact the latest idents are really harking back to the original idea – a series of disparate blocks forming a coherant 4 logo. 

As well – The Channel 4 offshoots E4 and E4 Music have some really great and funky idents as well. Some really great ones produced by Andy Martin can be seen on his website here.

Somebody’s really going experimental on us at S4/C, producing a series of idents which interact with the voice over. On the whole, very bizarre.








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