Rosie Pedlow / Joe King – Sea Change

21 05 2008


A beautifully simple idea executed very well, Rosie and Joe’s film takes a seaside caravan park as its subject, and reveals through a series of smooth tracking shots, the beauty in the commonplace that we all too often take for granted. 


The piece was entered for the Jerwood Moving Image award. Their statement about the work, taken from the Jerwood site follows.


“About the work
Filmed on a caravan park at the end of the season, ‘Sea Change‘ reveals a landscape dramatically transformed by light and time, and resonating with the transience of human presence. The frail, hand-painted caravans that fill the site are soon to be removed and crushed to make way for a new housing development, so the film also acts as a kind of document for an unusual place on the brink of disappearance. The film is the artists’ response to place. The entire film consists of the same tracking shot, 300 metres long, filmed repeatedly at different times over a period of five days. It is closely akin to documentary in its use of camera as pure recording medium. However any semblance of narrative is rejected in favour of a framework that is at once formal and conceptual. This serves to focus the spectator’s eye on the essential elements: the flatness of the landscape punctuated by caravans; the continual and dramatic changes in light; and the unrelenting passage of time.”


watch their work at Finalists : Jerwood Moving Image Award

I really like it when people use the professional techniques usually employed on feature films for artistic works. I find that this combination of high production values with a great concept really makes something special. 

This style of work also really reminds me of the work of Mark Lewis, an artist/filmmaker who produces very strong, but subtle works, using feature-film equipment. Oh, and that post is just below this one.




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19 10 2008
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