Richard Fenwick

16 05 2008

Richard Fenwick is a designer/filmmaker/animator who works across a wide range of formats. He goes where the idea takes him, flitting between animation/design and  film, producing a prolific range of work.

I saw him at the Lovebytes festival a few years age, where he charted his progression through his career. He fell into studying graphic design, but quickly realised that moving image was his forte, and that he wanted the freedom to move between disciplines.

As he explains in this 4talent article excerpt – “Film courses were never presented to me,” he says. “When I got to university I was still doing graphic design… Stupid thing is, at 18 you believe what people say to you. There’s that thing where you think: ‘Well they must know.'” However, it wasn’t long before he worked out they were wrong. His graphic design degree was simply a smokescreen. By the third year he was rarely in the graphic design department. He confesses, “If I’d had more foresight, I would have tried to get on a film course and save myself a little bit of hassle.”

He has a healthy balance between more abstract artistic endeavours like the RND series, filmmaking, music promos for the likes of teenage fanclub and death in vegas, and more commercial work.

The Box


Safety Procedures


Artificial Worlds V3.0


RND Series







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