Dangerous Parking

9 05 2008

I was looking at ‘Forget the film, watch the titles’ – a great site dedicated to title sequences at http://www.submarinechannel.com/titlesequences and found the titles for the film ‘Dangerous Parking’. This shows some really interesting text, being deformed in a wispy, smoky way. This sort of effect commonly has video people rushing into After Effects to try this effect and that to try to recreate a natural look. The designer of this, Nick Benns for Momoco, decided to do it another way.

“I created a sequence where the type drifts through a distorted world by simply shooting the credits through bottles of gin, whisky and an ashtray. All the elements are in-camera and any imperfections left where they are…”


The look is great, made all the better for it being real. It reminds me of when I used to work for a visual/design company in London. I had brought some footage in for a project we were working on. I showed it to someone there who started going through a list of filters and plug-ins required to produce the effect, and he was thoroughly surprised when I told him that it was shot through an empty glass resting on a TV Screen.

Computers are great tools in the creative process, but they are not the only tool.

Watch the video here…


Momoko’s website





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19 10 2008

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