Jan Svankmajer

28 04 2008

Jan Svankmajer is a real influence for me. Often miscribed as an animator, he should really be classed as a surrealist filmmaker as his work moves effortlessly between animation and live action. The pace and rhythm of the editing is superb and his work is a must for those who are into something a little bit darker or political. This piece is a great introduction to his work, Dimensions of Dialogue. On top is part1, and below part2.

“The world is divided into 2 unequal camps – those who have never heard of Jan Svankmajer and those who happen upon his work and know that they have come face to face with genius” The New Yorker

Dimensions of dialogue







Experiment / Create / Innovate

20 04 2008
It seems like all my life I have been watching, making and playing with the possibilities of the Moving Image. I love Motion Graphics, Animation, Illustration, Special Effects, Visuals, Experimental Video. I’ve spent many years following the work of pioneers and innovators who are pushing the boat out creatively and technically in the realm of the moving image. So I’ve decided to start this blog to indulge myself a little. I should also give a flavour of some of the influences that will be included in the course I run.